Toppik Hair Building Fibers - Giant 55g

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Toppik Hair Building Fibers - Giant 55g

Here is a great product that can disguise thinning hair. All you do is simply sprinkle the hair fibres into your thinning areas and you'll be amazed how your hair looks thick and full. These fibres cover thin or thinning hair and other areas that are effected by hair loss. Once these fibers are applied they give the appearance of thick, naturally full hair.

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There are 5 colours to choose from: Toppik 5 Colour Swatch

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Toppik Hair Building Fibers

To give the appearance of thick, full hair Toppik Hair Building Fibres are created by Keratin Fibres. It’s a quick and easy solution for thin or thing hair for both women and men, allowing yourself to feel comfortable about your appearance. Toppik Fibres are magnetically charged to create a bond with your hair strands to create fuller, thicker hair. The magnetic charge allows the fibers to withstand rain, wind and perspiration.  

Toppik Hair Building Fibres come in four sizes:

  • Travel size (3g) - £6.95
  • Regular size (12) - £19.95
  • Large (27.5) - £34.95
  • Giant (55g) - £54.95 

This is the Toppik Hair Building Fibers Giant Size of 55 grams (1.94 oz) - it will last approximately 150 days (based on average use of 1/3g per application).

Toppik Hair Building Fibers are available in nine different colours - please see the colour chart above to find your perfect match.

TOPPIK is an organic, non-allergenic range of products tested by dermatologists and is popular with millions of consumers world wide. Please note that Toppik Hair Building Fibers cover thinning or very thin patches of hair - it is not suitable for completely hair free or bald, areas - we have other products for this condition.

Real Results

Don't take our word for it - here are some real results which shows how Toppik is changing the lives of millions of men and women struggling with fine or thinning hair.

Toppik Brow Building Fibers- Real Results

Toppik FiberHold Spray

We recommend that Toppik FiberHold Spray is used alongside the Toppik Hair Building Fibers. The spray seals and protects the fibers and gives you greater confidence. Unlike ordinary hair sprays, this formula uses sophisticated alpha grade resins to join thinner hair and Toppik Hair Building Fibers naturally and durably. Pro Vitamin B5 and naturally derived ingredients soften and condition both hair and Fibers for a completely natural appearance. As the spray is delivered through a pump rather than an aerosol, the application is more gentle.

The spray enhances the static charge of the hair fibers and hair appears to have a natural healthy shine instead of a dull look which is caused by using any hair product.

  1. Make sure your hair is dry and style to your liking
  2. Apply Toppik Fibres by shaking into thinning areas, if you would like a more precise application use the Toppik Spray Applicator
  3. To achieve a natural looking hairline apply the fibers with the Toppik Hairline Optimizer
  4. Once the amount of fibers applied are to your standard then liking comb to help attach the fibers to your hair strands
  5. To add better long lasting results spray the Toppik Fiberhold Spray 
Keratin, Ammonium Chloride, Silica, DMDM Hydantoin. May Contain/peut contenir/puede contener: Yellow 6 (CI 15985), Yellow 5 (CI 19140), Red 22 (CI 45380), Red 33 (CI 17200), Blue 1 (CI 42090), Green 5 (CI 61570), Green 3 (CI 42053), Green 6 (CI 61565), Orange 4 (CI 15510)

How It Works

Natural Magnetism
Toppiks Hair Fibres have a static charge the help bind the fibers to the hair strands. Toppik Hair Building Fibers are made from natural Keratin of the highest grade, the same type of protein found in real hair. . It’s a quick and easy solution for thin or thing hair for both men and women. 



Q. What are Toppik Hair Building Fibers made of?

A. Toppik Hair Building Fibers are made of natural, colored Keratin fibres - the same protein that makes up human hair. The Keratin protein is derived from a natural source, and is nearly identical to human hair.

Q. If it begins to rain, will Toppik Hair Building Fibers remain in my hair?

A. Toppik Hair Building Fibers stay firmly in place through wind, rain and perspiration. For longer-lasting results, use Toppik FiberHold Spray.

Q. Do Toppik Hair Building Fibers affect hair growth?

A. Toppik Hair Building Fibers do not encourage or discourage hair growth. The natural Keratin hair fibres will not clog pores or affect any scalp conditions.

Q. How long will Toppik Hair Building Fibers stay in place?

A. Toppik Hair Building Fibers will stay in place until you wash your hair.

Q. Can Toppik Hair Building Fibers cover gray roots or colour-treated root re-growth?

A. Toppik Hair Building Fibers can be used to effectively and easily cover both gray roots and colour-treated root re-growth!

Q. Can I use Toppik Hair Building Fibers with styling tools and products?

A. It is recommended that Toppik Hair Building Fibers be applied after the use of any styling tools such as hairdryers, flat irons or curling irons. Styling products (other than hairspray) should be applied to the hair prior to applying Toppik Hair Building Fibers. Applying gels, mousses, pastes, serums, and the like after applying Hair Building Fibers may cause shifting and could expose the areas that were meant to be covered. Let styling products dry before applying Hair Building Fibers.

Q. Will Toppik Hair Building Fibers work with all hair types?

A. Yes, Toppik Hair Building Fibers work with all hair types and textures, including Caucasian hair, Asian hair, and African-American hair.

Q. How long will a bottle of Toppik Hair Building Fibers last?

A. How long a bottle will last depends on how frequently the user applies the Hair Fibers, the amount of product used each time, and the size of the purchased product. Below are some general guidelines:

i. Hair Building Fibers - Travel (3g): Approximately 7 days

ii. Hair Building Fibers - Regular (12g): Approximately 30 days

iii. Hair Building Fibers - Large (27.5g): Approximately 60 or more days

iv. Hair Building Fibers - Giant (55g): Approximately 120 or more days

Q. Can different colours of Toppik Hair Building Fibers be mixed?

A. Yes, you can mix different shades of Hair Building Fibers. In fact, it is often encouraged to mix different shades in order to find the closest match to your own colour, especially when working with blonde or gray hair. The product can either be mixed directly in the hair (use the darker colour first, and then layer the lighter colour over it) or it can be mixed in a Hair Building Fibers bottle.

Q. Which colours should I use for Salt & Pepper / Platinum / Strawberry Blonde?

A. Below are some general guidelines that may help in achieving a customized colour:

i. Salt & Pepper: Black and White (or Gray and White)

ii. Platinum Blonde: Light Blonde and White

iii. Strawberry Blonde: Auburn and Medium Blonde

Q. Are there any special warnings about the use of Toppik Hair Building Fibers?

A. For external use only. If irritation or rash appears, discontinue use. Avoid contact with eyes. Avoid inhalation.